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Sport Development & Sport FOR Development

In 1999, Steve DeVoss, President and CEO of GSP Consulting, Ltd., registered Global Sports Partners, Inc. as a nonprofit sport development organization with the mission to make sport accessible to all. This vision came to him as he traveled the world, experiencing first-hand the many benefits sport can bring to a community. Driven by a desire for philanthropy through sports consulting, Mr. DeVoss determined to use his company to do more than just achieve corporate success. As a result, he registered Global Sports Partners, Inc. to conduct humanitarian and community-development projects in many countries where his sport development firm did business. Recently, Global Sports Partners, Inc. rolled out a new and exciting brand, SportForward. You can read more about SportForward's programs below, or click the "Donate Now" button below to support the ongoing work of SportForward in more than 30 countries.

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While our branding has changed, our mission remains the same: To make sport accessible and available to all, especially those who have been traditionally marginalized by society. We believe when people are given the opportunity to play sports, their lives are improved -- and as a result, the entire community benefits.

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To learn more about our charitable programs, click on the SportFoward link below. To learn more about our professional services, click on the GSP Consulting link below.

Click the "Donate Now" button to be directed to our SportForward PayPal page.



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